If You Are Lazy, But Want To Lose Weight, Then The Paleo Diet Is For You

Whether it's preparing for weeks or months in advance for a special occasion, getting ready for summer, or just wanting it for self satisfaction, many of us want to shed a pound or two. Some people do it to such extreme's that they starve themselves, putting their bodies at risk. Other's sometimes obsess over the food pyramids. Eating the exact amount of food that it tells them to eat everyday. Stuff like two to three servings of meat, fish, and poultry, or six to eleven servings of wheat and grains. Following such strict weight solutions make it tasking when trying to lose weight, but did you know of a diet that make's it so easy that you don't even have to exercise? Well, this diet is known as the paleo diet, and the paleo diet and weight loss go hand in hand!

The paleolithic diet was developed not by nutritionists, but by cavemen, about 2.5 million years ago. Today, many people still don't know much about this diet, which is unfortunate indeed because it is one that our ancestors ate, and also one that has genetically structured our gene's today. The reason experts stress that you eat certain foods like fruits and vegetables is because those were the foods our ancestors survived on. The caveman diet is structured so that you eat less foods but receive the necessary nutrients that your body needs everyday. Because you eat less you end up losing weight on the paleo diet, and without much exercise too.

How is the diet and ideal solution for lazy people hoping to lose weight?

Well, many years ago, cavemen ate only what was available to them. They were hunter-gatherers who got their foods from meats (By hunting), fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts and berries in small amounts. There weren't any dairy products available to eat or drink like we have now. Since the cavemen were hunter gatherer's they traveled from place to place, ocassionally staying in one place until they ran out of food source.

The cavemen were lazy people, they didn't engage in extensive exercise. In fact, the times cavemen received high bursts of energy is when they were hunting meats or running away from being prey themselves. Most of the times, they were resting except for when they were gathering food. The cavemen were quite fit, they weren't starving and malnourished like we think because they received adequate nutrients from their diet.

By using the paleolithic diet to lose weight, you won't have to exercise. It is actually recommended to engage in as little exercise as possible. The foods you eat will be lean meats, fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds. Your meal would usually consist of a lean meat combined with a side of fruits and vegetables. The nuts and seeds can also be eaten with your meal or as snacks.

The little amount of calories you receive will allow you to rapidly start losing weight. But you still get the required amount of proteins from the meats, carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, and fats and oil from the nuts and seeds, making the paleo diet an ideal solution to losing weight.